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Remarketing also known as Retargeting is an important tool of digital marketing. The basic idea behind remarketing is to reach out to users who already know your brand or products and, for that reason, there are higher chances of converting. It’s all about targeting the user on several occasions, personalizing them as we go along, and encouraging the user to move along the conversion funnel.

The most popular remarketing tool at the moment is Google Ad Words, which is what we will focus to increase lead conversion rate in your digital marketing plan. In any case remarketing allows you to reach out to visitors who have left your website without converting. Find out how you can use these specialized campaigns to increase conversions.

We feel Remarketing help keep your brand in the eyes and mind of your potential customers even they left your website without converting we persuade them to revisit your site and remind your offer when they need it.

Importance of Remarketing

According to Market experts more than 90 % customers are not ready to buy. That’s a huge chunk of website visitors that you’re essentially losing out on since they aren’t converting. We will design remarketing techniques for you to improve the success ratio of lead generated through different marketing tools.

We plan customize Remarketing campaigns allow you to target these visitors with specific ads with the specific goal of convincing them to convert for your offer. With remarketing campaigns, our efforts reminding and convincing visitors that weren’t initially ready to convert yet as these campaign somehow push them to take the offer from your company.

We understand that these types of ads work because they allow you to serve people with ads who’ve already expressed an interest in your product. We act persuasively towards retargeted leads with the help of social media channels, search engines, and email. Our experts help you to remind them that they wanted to solve a problem and why your product offers the best solution.

Types of Remarketing

Depending on how the users are included into this list, and in the types of ads they are shown, there are different types of remarketing that we use to market your product or services.

Standard remarketing shows display ads to people who have previously visited a page and show the interest in your product. The ads are shown in websites and app in the display network With Google Ad Words, this network includes over 2 million websites.
For mobile apps remarketing type the ads are shown specifically in app and on mobile websites as Users in this category is far more than any other.
Video in video remarketing we do not create our remarketing list based on people who have visited a website, but we include people who have interacted with videos or through a YouTube channel. The ads are then shown within YouTube itself and on websites and in apps. 
For search engine ads campaign of retargeting does not include display ads, but are shown when users who have already visited our website are searching on Google this let us narrow down our target significantly to the people not only who have already visited our website, but they are even still searching for things related to our products and services.
Dynamic remarketing is quite similar to standard but with the difference that the ads become more personalized to help user depending on the products and services the users were looking at on the website.
By distribution list in this we can choose to have our ads shown to a specific list of previously collected through emails addresses such as the people who have subscribed to our newsletter.

Getting repeated conversions is essential to build user loyalty as approaching loyal user cost less than attracting new customers. Therefore this is considered as one of the most profitable ways of doing remarketing and capture more converted leads.

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